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New action to prosperity, is giving an opportunity to this site viewers to send posts about their business and have the chance to appear on this page for free.

Below is a guideline to your post and what it should contain.

1. name of the business and its category.

2. name of the business owner(s).

3. Location, contacts and adress

4. two photographs of the business owner(s) ie office photo and field one.

5. two photos of your business in action.

6. please write down below your photos to describe them.

7. Give a brief introduction about your photo.

8. describe how profitable is the business.

9. challenges faced and how you have overcome them, persisted with them and those that are still not easy to overcome.

10. how unique have you is your business and the strategies employed that have made you emerge successful.

11. what and how eternal sources ( such as financial institutions, friends and relatives, surrounding environment e.t.c) has affected your business.

12. what have you dove with the profits from the business.

13. what is your message to the viewers/visitors and the website administrators.

After analysing and editing your content in respect to above guideline

send it to

thank, you for your cooperation.

Note: the post sent to us (new action to prosperity ) will be used in any way to in any way to inspire our audience and the sender is entitled to no claims in any way possible.