prosperity proverbs

prosperity proverbs

prosperity proverbs

what are prosperity proverbs? these are proverbs from our ancestors from different culture backgrounds across the world that are geared to see you a prosperous person in life. prosperity proverbs if applied well  they guide you to success so, from these prosperity proverbs read at least one everyday ie three times a day morning lunch and supper and meditate upon them you notice a great difference after a short period of time.


These prosperity Proverbs are great wisdom of societies and people about circumstances in life and have tasted a great period of time and therefore …

proved true and applicable in our lives, there if you want to be successful you must read them, understand them, and apply them to avoiding roadblocks in life which May delay or even stop your success. The prosperity proverbs are here please enjoy them.

 No. Proverb Meaning
1  Grief divided is made lighter  If you share your grief its half done.
2 Easier said than done  Suggesting something looks easier but actually difficult to do it.
3. Action speaks louder than words  People are best known by what they do than what they say.
4 Failure is the mother of success  It’s by failing that you learn and things right hence success.
5 Familiarity breeds contempt If you come to know somebody deeply you end up not giving him/her respect.
6  A fly will not enter a closed mouth By learning how to keep silence you are avoiding trouble.
7 A friend to all is a friend to none Someone who loves everyone makes none of them feel special.
8  He can who believes he can. if you believe you can do a thing you will be able to do it
9 Better be the head of a dog than a tail of a lion  its better to lead a small group than being a subordinate of a bigger one.
1o.  The best helping hand is at the end of your sleeve  the best way to get something done is to do it yourself.
11 Bad news travels fast People like/spread bad news faster
12 Bad trees yields no good apples Bad parents raises no good children
13 A bad workman blames his tool A no skilled person thinks its his tool that is bad
14 Be just before you are generous Before helping others first deal with your own problems
15 Beauty lies in the hands of beholder Peoples’ tastes are different
16 Care to listen, slow to speak Listen attentively before you speak
17 Beauty is only skin deep A person’s character is more important than their appearance.
18 A chain is no stronger than its weakest link The strength of a group depends on its individual members.
19 Cleanliness is second to God A clean environment is what follows after holiness to GOD.
20 Clothes don’t make a man The beauty of a person is the heart.
21 Death is great All people are equal when dead.
22 Diamond cut diamond People learn from one another
23 Diligence is the mother of good fortune Hard work brings reward
24 Diseases of the soul are more dangerous than those of the body Soul is more important than the body so its attack is more serous than the body.
25 Dogs of the same street bark alike From the same background related behaviors.
26 Don’t count your chicken before they hatched Don’t be confident before something has come true.
27 Every man is an architect of his own fortune You’re responsible of what is happening to you.
28 Every path has its puddle Progress is difficult without struggle.
29 Every lose has its thorn Everything good has the bad side of it.
30 Experience is the further of wisdom Experience and knowledge result in better judgment.
31 Necessity is the mother of invention When you ardently need something forces you to look for ways how to get it.
32 Once bitten twice shy Once something bad happens to somebody he/she will always fear the same or related thing from happening to him/her.
33 One parent is worth a hundred schoolteachers A parent is irreplaceable truly loves the child and is raised to the best.
34 A rolling stone gathers no moss When someone keeps on moving from place to place he or she will eventually gather neither friends nor possessions.
35  where there is a will there is a way.  If you are determined to do a thing the way will appear.
36  however much the night, the dawn will break  Bad things don’t last forever.
37 Rome was not built in one day  Be patient in acquiring things in life.
38  if you want a friend be a friend  You must create friendships.
39 Silence gives consent By not refusing something’ it’s assumed that you have agreed.
40 Smooth sea never makes a skilled mariner If you don’t meet obstacle to overcome, you ate likely not to be a better expert.
41 Spare the rod, spoil a child If you don’t punish a child for the wrong done, is going to grow with unpleasant behaviors.
42 Still waters run deep A quiet person with a calm outward appearance is likely to be of knowledge and wisdom.
43 A stumble may prevent a fall By correcting a small mistake helps not to make a big one.
44 An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree Children resemble their parents.
45 The best advise is found on the pillow A better resting may help find an answer to a problem.
46 The darkest hour is just before down The most difficult time is when the problem is not yet solved.
47 The first step is the hardest In any undertaking the most difficult part is the beginning.
48 The more you have, the more you want. There is always a desire for more.
49 The truth is in the wine People speak freely under the influence of alcohol.
50 The early bird catches the early warm If you start early you grab more opportunities.
51 Proof of the pudding is the eating The true value of anything can be judged after it has been tasted.
52 A wish is the father of the thought. You think that something is true because you want it to be so.
53 There is a black sheep in every flock In any group there is someone who doesn’t behave like the rest.
54 There is no fool like an old one An old person is expected to have enough knowledge with experience and so wisdom fresh blood.
55 Time and tide waits for no man Delayed action stops no event from happening.
56 Too much bed makes a dull head By sleeping too much you make your head not to think enough.
57  If you are weak in crisis you are weak indeed.  proverbs; 24:10
58 loose lips sink ship releasing great information/secretes could result to danger.
59 Man is the head of the family while a woman is the neck that turns the head. both a man and a woman are of great importance in a home.
60 Two wrongs don’t make a right By Revenging you are not making a solution
61 Men make houses while women make homes. The comfort, character and value of a house are made by a woman.
62 Money begets money  By having money you can make much more money.
63 To err is human, to forgive divine One should always forgive because its human
64 A burnt child dreads the fire Bad experience on a particular thing makes one shy away from it.
65 Charity begins at home Helping and caring for your family is your first duty.
66 A closed mouth catches no flies By being silent you avoid trouble.
67 Don’t judge a book by its cover The outer ward appearance does not reflect true value of a thing.
68 Easier said than done What you suggest sounds easy but it’s a bit difficult to do it.
70 Truth is one If it’s true different people speak the same.
71 Every cloud has a silver lining In every bad problem/challenge there is a good side of it.
72 Empty vessels make the loudest noise People who don’t understand shouts more than others.
73 Every man has his price People’s quality of living differ
74 You cant teach an old dog new tricks Someone used to doing things a certain way will not change.
75 iron sharpens iron people learn from each other
76 Failure teaches success By learning from your failures you become successful.
77 as human desires as the grave  people will always need more
79 A tree is known by its fruits Someone’s actions judge him.
80  he who treats softly goes far  Patience persuasion breaks the strongest resistance.
81 A friend is love with understanding A friend tolerates more than a lover.
82 A friend’s eye is a good mirror. A real friend tells you the truth.
83 When the cat’s away, the mice play. People sometimes misbehave when the person in authority is absent.
84 Money doesn’t grow on trees Obtaining money is not an easy task so it should be used sparingly.
85 No pain no gain You toil to obtain anything in life.
86 Great minds think alike In most times intelligent people share the same ideas.
87 Union is strength A group has more force than an individual.
88 One man’s meat is another man’s poison Sometimes people don’t like the same thing.
89 One good turn deserves another You should be helpful to someone who helps you.
90 One of these days is none of these days Until date is set one of these days remain a vague promise.
91 Where there is life there is hope So longer as a person is breathing there is a hope for recovery.
92 Out of site out of mind We normally forget things that we don’t see.
93 One swallow doesn’t make a summer A single satisfactory event does not mean that all others will be as good.
94 Pride comes before a fall Don’t show off over certain things anything can happen and you become ashamed
95 Watched pot never boils If you anxiously wait for something it looks to take more time.
96 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Don’t risk your everything on one particular thing.
97 Prevention is better than cure By avoiding a bad incident happening to you, you save more.
98 Blood is thicker than water Relationship with relatives is stronger than with others.
99 Where there is a will there is a way If you are determined to do something, you will find a way to do it.
100  In for a penny, in for a pound.  if you start something its better to give it time and money to complete it.

Thank you for reading prosperity proverbs and hope they have inspired you. if you have liked the page share it to your colleagues on social media. its okay  to read these prosperity proverbs several times because that’s when they will more effect on you.

Prosperity proverbs wishes you well.






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