simple personal branding for success

  Simple personal branding for success

          Tips for entrepreneurs.

When we talk of branding many people think of companies and other organizations that spend much money on their brands. This time we have brought to you great tips to help you personally improve your image and be able to sell allover and therefore increase your opportunity to succeed in life.

  1. Be authentic. If you are authentic, unique and totally committed to what you do, it will show and people will easily buy into you. Know what people want and then strategize yourself to achieve that, you will be surprised how this will greatly empower you.
  2. Create a personal blog. If you don’t have one you are loosing much so, start one as soon as possible. A personal blog with relevant insights and ideas will fuel your personal brand. But you have to understand your audience and serve them to the best of wants; Google analytics will help you in that if employed on your blog.
  3. Target certain type of people that will help you achieve your dream. In this world there are certain number of people who wish see others succeed and that’s what makes them happy try to find these rear people and you understand what am talking about.
  4. Research the competition. Whatever kind of person you wish to be, there is someone else who has already reached there. So, what you have to do is study them and understand their areas of weakness and develop them well while mastering their strength as well.
  5. Learn new skills often. Make sure that you are a good reader and listener such that you are always ahead in your talking so that people are always learning from you.
  6. Join online industry communities. Find out some communities/organizations that are likely to promote your interests and objectives and join then. This will always help you stay motivated (an essential ingredient to achieving any dream) and focus.
  7. Network like a beast. Try to connect with people locally, nationally and internationally with aid of networking sites such as LinkedIn that may link you with other professionals who may aid you to achieve big.
  8. Promote yourself. Believe in yourself and know that you are the best; if this is done confidently soon you will see people starting to believe in you and this will push you to greater heights.
  9. Become an authority. Be an expert in a certain field and every body around knows you, this will greatly sell you.
  10. Use images consistently. Have a good looking professional photograph and then use it in every one of your profiles to create consistence.
  11. Be willing to help others. If you help others in their efforts to realize their dreams and participate in solving and sharing with their challenges ,you will create a great force that draws people to you hence will come back to support you and create to you very many opportunities. This positive force will make you a cream that will always rise to the top.


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Rules that leads you to be a great investor.

Rules that leads you to be a great investor.

brandson a great investor

In the world of investment there are three things to master ie first, the rate of return on an investment (if I put say $1000 in an investment how long will it take me to get it back) and the shorter the period the better. Secondary how secure is the investment, a great investment should last.

Thirdly loss prevention, this should be a skill that you should learn or employ better systems to prevent this from occurring. If you understand these factors better and employ them you will have great investments. So, below are;

some of the tips that will guide you realizing this in your life.

1. Don’t Rush for quick money, there is no single venture that you have to put money in the morning and you rich in the evening. Money comes as a reword for efforts invested in a particular thing and this effort must be in form of knowledge, money, persistence, right people etc and all these cant be acquired in a single day. It may be true that you may play a game say with lotto and win a lot of money but this money will still go away from you because you haven’t build yourself to handle that in some ways some of which are mentioned above.

The truth is if you want to be a great investor aim at building yourself in a direction of your dream and at a certain time t you will get qualified and your dream will come true ie you will gain the required habits and you will take investments to a greater level hence a great investor.
2. Don’t keep slowing good money after the bad; what is most important in the game of investing is to keep learning every day. When a bad result shows up that’s clear that there is something bad you employed into the system and there is a need to do a rethinking and research to come up with a clear course such that you do again and come up in a different version that will see things do better. But don’t just keep adding money when the results are not good but rather keep researching for a lasting solution to the raising challenges as you rise towards becoming great investor.
3. Diversify your investments, there saying that don’t put all your eggs in one basket , I don’t refute this because of two major reasons first, any thing tragic can happen to your investment though insured it can come from the other side not protected or a dramatic fall in the demands of your product/service . This may lead you to fail but if you have the second one it becomes the helping hand. Secondly you learn a lot with different investments than one and this leads to transmission of knowledge from different sectors to other sectors leading to growth in investments.
4. Where you have no passion employ those with passion, its advisable not to invest in an area where you are not passionate about but some times when an opportunity arises don’t just let it go the solution is to employ people who are passionate about that they will do it well for you. But if you are to do it yourself when you are not passionate about there are big chances that you will fail.
5. Focus on risk, think about this statement focus on returns the risks will come for you focus on risks the returns will come for you. This is true because if you concentrate on returns it means that the way for risks is open and they will not estate to come. Consider also this statement action and reaction are equal and opposite (this is Newton’s third law of motion). My dear if you don’t know this take it from me whatever action you take on this plate it will face opposition whether you like it or not and if you don’t master this and always deal with it boldly this opposition force will always put you down but if you always handle it seriously you will always make it.
6. Act now. If you want to be a great investor learn to act immediately, as soon as you wish to invest in a particular thing immediately research and understand that particular thing but before you invest in it. Then after that take the necessary action, there is a great power in acting immediately do it you will experience this power and you will tell me.

other facts

7. Have right people.
8. Have a mentor.
9. Have it as your dream
10. Save regularly

thank you. 

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Top 7 Ways to Succeed in the Business of Speaking

Business of Speaking

Speaking well is key to success

Ways to succeed in public speaking How attractive are you as a speaker? Not, your looks, but your consistent ability to provide a quality presentation, attract clients, and be irresistibly attractive to meeting planners and speaker bureaus? do the, you will succeed in the business of speak. Below are…

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How to get out of debts

How to get out of debts

You may be one of people who wishes to be successful in life but debts are always on your neck which is a big hindrance to your desire to realize financial independence, and of course if you don’t learn and implement these tricks/habits that enables you get out of debts, your desire to achieve financial independence may never come true. Below are habits when implemented will lead you out of debts and to financial independence?

  1. Get another source of income, this may sound tricky to you because you think you have not saved money for a new venture but now be ready to change your mindset and refocus your energies on these;                                                                                                                                                                  i) make your budget for a new venture that quickly brings money back in a short while      and then secure money by negotiating postponement of payment of debts that don’t attract more interest rate, selling of your unused things, borrow from relatives, friends and lastly to financial institution to top up for if there is still money missing to start up your venture.                                                            ii) If the above fails look for another part-time job.                                                                                   iii) or take your hobby to another level to start bring money to you.
  2. Change the way you are living, if you are growing more debts this automatically means that you are spending more than you earn. Therefore you have to cut some expenses somewhere in your budget say shifting to a cheap house/room and where the cost of living is cheaper. This alone will help you save some money to help you boost your venture and pay off debts.
  1. Find new people of more value, by living on debts in most case you have copped these poor habits from your friends and in most cases they also have debts like you, so you have to identify people within your community and beyond whose habits are of great value that yields true success such as saving regularly, investing in things that bring money into their pockets, spends according to budget etc. These people will inspire you and get attracted to them and you will find yourself doing things the way they do them and hence attain success like them.
  2. Celebrate any achievement in (towards) debt reduction. To some of you this may sounds a weak point but this is a great tool to achieving almost anything in life, this is so because it redirects and focuses your brain towards that particular thing and by doing that you have already half succeeded due to the fact that your success is in your mind. Without convincing, motivating and refocusing your mind to that particular thing you want in life believe me my dear you will never succeed, the brain is responsible for transmitting your need into spiritual nature that encircles the world and that particular thing is brought to you in the most unknown way to you and only you will realize success in the early hour.
  3. Pay yourself first. With this you are supposed to immediately take off not less than 10% of any income you receive to your investment account (an account intended for setting up strong long lasting ventures/assets which are stable and in long run generates stable riches such as land, mutual fund, business (stable) etc. But this money can for a meanwhile be redirected to your quick and high return on profit ventures to enable you generate more profits to pay off your debts. If you don’t do this and pay other things first like rent, your daily needs, water bill, electricity bill, tax, etc, you will find yourself with nothing left to save and you will even not be able to fund your ventures and may end up collapsing.
  4. Live on budget. Always draw a budget for a certain period of time say monthly and stick to it to avoid spending on unplanned things or excess which may be a wastage of money and resources that could have been saved and injected into your ventures that generates more profits to clear your debts.
  5. Have a list of debts and draw a plan to clear it. By having this it guides you to pay off debts each at a time depending on your level of income.
  6. Be frugal. Train your self not to easily spend on luxurious and simple things that you can live without if you want to get off yourself from the life of living with burdensome debts.
  7. Read personal finance books and attend business seminars. Try always to have personal information material that educates you how best to handle such related circumstances and you will live an inspiring life and see the way through, remember inspiration is the starting point of anything.
  8. Use home prepared mails and drinks. If you prepare these at home you save a lot and in most cases you take healthy foods and drinks to satisfaction hence taking longer hours to get hungry and saving yourself from talking additional small eats like chapattis, tea, etc, to keep you moving. This helps you to save money to clear debts.
  9. Turn liabilities into assets. If you have liabilities (things that take away money from you pocket or do not grow in values or depreciates in value with) such as personal car, TV set, etc. they can be used to generate more money instead of taking more of it from your pocket, say a personal vehicle can be made for business (hired, or sold and another one that suit the business is bought) and so on.
  10. Reduce on using credit card; this adds debt to already existing one, so ensure that you try avoiding it as possible as you can if you want to go away from your debt burden.
  11. Find opportunities, there are always other opportunities that surrounds you so what you need is to do a rethinking about yourself and the environment too and do a self study as well to know what you love and can do best such opportunities may be political leadership in your community, social service, etc.
  12. Exploit job benefits, if you have a job it comes with many benefits such as lunch allowance, so if you have such an allowance don’t consume it all for lunch but find a cheaper food and do some saving to clear your debts.
  13. Get a life skill, this is a very powerful weapon in this regard because you need little capital or no capital at all and the earnings remain still big sometimes like that of an employee or small business owners or even bigger and the better thing with a life skill you keep growing market and income. So this helps greatly when you are in debts.


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Secretes of self made multimillionaires

Secretes of self made multimillionaires

You may think that being a multimillionaire is just a far dream beyond your reach’ but becoming a multimillionaire require certain habit that need to be adopted within you to cross there. Below are some of these habits/secretes.

  1. Decide to be a millionaire. Make sure that your mind body and soul are fully aware that you want to be a millionaire. Make a definite statement at least 3 times a day, e.g. “I want to be 10 million dollar rich gay within 5 years” and clearly state how you expect to get it. You can as well write it somewhere you can see and read it everyday or any other methods that daily reminds you of your dream. This alone will later create a force towards becoming what you want to be and as well creates opportunities drawn towards you into becoming what you want to be. Then you will later find yourself a multimillionaire in uncommon way you don’t understand.success-and-failure
  1. Treat it like a duty. Multimillionaires expectations are always very high, even if they fail they think again and look at their mistakes and come back in a different version. Make sure that you and your body, mind and soul are aware that its your duty to be a millionaire, you will not stabilize until you become one and you will.
  2. Surround themselves with multimillionaires. Rich people understand it that its motivation and    . knowledge that makes you fly. Rich people always motivates in the way they say or do things and the way Being rich is a choice as well as being poor  they think. This helps you get inspired to think big and do big things if you surround yourself with such big people far ahead of you. Millionaires motivates in the way they do their things and even things they do, and many people want to associate with them in so doing you will also admire that state. That alone creates a great force and opportunities to becoming a millionaire.
  3. Get rid of poverty thinking. Most of the people get the poverty thoughts from their ancestors who where poor and the poverty cycle continues from generation to generations. Thoughts like rich people are greedy, money doesn’t grow on trees, am not made out of money, there is no money etc. replaces them with those for the rich such as there is abundance of money in this world, money is power, money is great etc. you will get transformed.
  4. Create and buy time. Rich people understand that time is more valued than money and that’s what God gave us all equally and the way you use your time determines your state. They hire it from the poor and get many hours a day if not a year a day which gives them better potential to gather lots of knowledge and energy to generate a lot of money for them. One person like bill gates buys time from thousands of people for an average time of not less than 8 hours a day consuming hours close to million a day gathering a lot of knowledge and skills hence huge sums of money.
  5. Invest more in assets than liabilities. Rich people invest much of their money in things that brings money to their pockets/account and grows in value with time such as houses, businesses, stocks etc unlike the poor and middle class who put much of their money in things that takes away money from their pockets and depreciate with time such as cars, home appliances etc.                After acquiring successful habits wealth get attracted to you in the most unexpected ways
  1. Diversify your income. The rich don’t depend on only one source of income, they have multiple flows of income because they understand that at given time t your certain source of income may encounter certain challenges which may lead to collapse but with multiple source one aids the other and there is a diversified growth in knowledge.
  2. Pay yourself first. When I first heard of this I thought it was not to pay others and hence being greed and not Godly but it’s not like that, you must pay others as well but pay yourself first. Paying yourself first means whatever income you generate immediately take off not less than 10% and save it to your investment account ( an account intended for buying things that bring money into your account such as land, business ,business machines etc ). This is a great secrete my dear who wish to be a millionaire because if you don’t do this and pay other things first like rent, electricity bill, home needs, etc. you will find at the end having no money to save, but if you pay your self first you find yourself able to survive on the remaining income and will find yourself building investments with time and create grate wealth. The advice I give you is to save with a purpose not saving recklessly and when the money is enough for what you want please buy it and start saving again, this will encourage you see what you have done and motivate you to save more and again the money that is saved is not generating enough returns than the invested money.


  1. They have a sense of agency.
  2. They find strong mentor.
  3. They focus on leverage.
  4. They don’t care what other people think.


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Main causes of sudden loss in an income

Main causes of sudden loss in an income

An income is a very important thing when we are to define success and prosperity in our lives. In fact to excel financially you must be skilled to grow your income. So this time round I have to you main causes of loss of an income as it has contributed greatly to the current great number of unsuccessful people in the world but don’t worry I have listed as well the solutions to combat this problem to have many people succeed in life.

  1. Abrupt loss of job. This is normal if you are an employee because there are several factors resulting from that this include among others company’s income shrinking and levels of productivity among employees.


Mind on building passive income (from your salary saving) i.e. income generated from stable investments such as real estate and mutual fund.

All successful people have this secrete in common because they know that all other incomes are not stable (they can go any time).

You as well put another source of income like business to supplement job income to easily raise money to set up investments that brings in passive income. I advise employees to do part time business but not part time jobs because with a business you own it, it grows with you and you can pass it on to your children unlike a job.

  1. Loans not properly planned for. Some people take loans to finance liabilities (things that remove money from our pockets or don’t grow in value) such as wedding party, personal car etc. without first planning properly how to pay it back. Most people of this category end up their good
    Loss is a lesson to think again and act differently.

    sources of income sold by the lenders.

Solution financially intelligent people don’t find loans to liabilities rather they get loans to finance assets (things that bring money into your pocket or grow in value) such business, land, contracts etc. these assets generate s

  1. Some employees have let down many business which where good source of income to owners by removing money and other valuable products from the business and finally letting it collapse.


Please end ever to do the following to avoid fraud in your venture

i) Love your employees.

ii) Pay them effectively.

iii) Understand each other.

iv)Always be strict on finances and employ better methods of financial control.

v) Let them understand the mission and vision of your company/business and impart in them a sprit to love the company.

vi) Always employ better systems and improve on managerial skills to better run your company.                  If the above points are taken seriously and properly implemented you will reduce if not eliminate fraud within your company.

4. Copy and paste method of doing business. Some ventures fail because owners had no plan and passion for them, they only see their fellows doing them and copy exact thing and do it somewhere else or even near the original one.

Solution. Always do what you are passionate about and with the project plan first.

  1. Taking a wrong business line. as the world is ever changing there is and there will always be shift in business rends and it may happen that you are taking a line infertile, this one alone can lead to your loss in income because people’s desires are shifting from one line to another.

Solution, be innovative

  1. Dealing in illegal business. Some people are doing businesses that are allowed to operate in there areas of operation or even worldwide such as sell of marijuana, ivory, narcotic drugs etc. if you own such a business chances are high that you most likely to loose your income your product may at any time be impounded by authorities.

Solution It’s true that such kind of businesses are very profitable but the risks are also to high that will even lead to your imprisonment where the biggest resource ie you is in custody. So, I advice you to stop his business but if you can’t afford that I again advice you to risk less by investing your profits in another legal business and grow it bigger as you get out of the the other one.

  1. Calamity, most people loss their income in calamities like fire, earth quack, heavy storm etc. in most cases these strongly affect the business with almost everything destroyed.

Solution; always make research of the area you to establish your venture and have crew on likely calamities to occur and take insurance cover against them. If you are along the hill please insure your venture against hailstorm, if you use electricity insure your venture against fire and so on.

  1. Failure to pay taxes, if you are a kind of person who doesn’t pay taxes I want to assure you that paying tax is good and healthy for your business.

Remember also to love your country like your family  and its doing a service to you like building infrastructure e.g. roads, railways, electricity etc that you are using also safeguarding the nation such that you and your business stays and work effectively and many more. So refusing to pay tax is like doing a disservice to yourself. Remember even by not doing your resiponsibility to pay tax the authourity have the power to impound your goods or penerise you which will be a big loss to you.

Solution. Be a responsible citizen and pay your taxes timely.

  1. Lack of research and innovation, people always keep on wanting better things, if you are kind of a person who doesn’t researches about customer needs and keep improving your product/services depending on research results you will one time find a good competitor with ever improving product/service and it not take you long to collapse away from the market if you don’t style up.

Solution; always study your customers and be innovative enough to provide products/services that suit their desires.

  1. Lack of discipline / little customer care, human being where created to be cared about let it be a man, woman, child or an elderly. This a need  that cuts across human race and beyond, my dear reader of this post where there is a need there is an opportunity so take use of this need seriously and provide care to thousands of people that will make you great and a highly successful person.

Solution; care about customers / people that come to you that’s when they will return back happy and feel loyal to you.

Other causes;

  1. Lack of enough capital.
  2. Poor systems in running a venture.
  3. Poor advisors
  4. Dealing in fake products/services.
  5. Heavy taxation
  6. Lack of enough knowledge and skilled manpower.
  7. Exploited resources.
  8. Poor management.

By new action to prosperity.

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start business with little or no money

online cash

start business small
start business small

A business is like a creature that requires birth, mind, body, soul and care to come alive and grow. Therefore below are some of the tips to help you start business with a strong foundation to last irrespective of you having little or no money at all.
1. Have professional skills.
With big investors like wallen buffet who are already having enough money required to start business by just hiring or employing professional experts in that relevant field definitely may need not to have this no.1 tip. But if you have little or no money to build any strong business you have to be with enough knowledge to exchange for cash or have to build a product or service that will be liked by many people. So, this is essential for building any successful enterprise. Some countries offer free education so if you belong there we are talking. But if your country doesn’t offer free education you can still first understand what you want to invest in either through someone who understands the field or you can get a job there. But invest where you have knowledge.
2. Develop a good plan before you start business . After studying the field, you can now come out with a unique business plan with better strategies to handle challenges in the area and come up with better products and service that suits better to address customer needs.
3. Have some technical skills to offer. Make sure that somewhere in the organization system you have what you can do best such as marketing, human resource management, production techniques, procurement, etc. this will help you to effectively participate in the running of the business.
4. First settle on one business idea. Divided attention is divided strength; one of the main courses of failed ideas/businesses is lack of concentration on that one particular thing until its success. Many people especially the youth have many ideas but they fail to concentrate on one and keep trying on this and that as each trial comes with a challenge and they have many challenges to confuse and discourage them or even discourage them. There is saying that the success of a posted stamp is its ability to stick to the document to the end. If you become like a post stamp you will be successful.
5. Find a business partner with cash. Since a business can never run without cash, you have to find someone with money. There are very many people who are willing to put money if you have a sounding business plan, try on line and even local people and organizations.
6. Start a service based business. This requires no much capital so you can begin from there as you advance even if step 5 above fails or delays to mature partners can find you along the way or you even fund it yourself from profits made as a result of service rendered. If say you want to build a the best shoe company in your country, you can start by people’s shoes and keep re-investing your profits and other related efforts to make your dream a reality.
7. Start business at home. If you a person without or with little capital don’t hesitate to start thinking that you have to first find a commercial business premises along the town streets. Even most big companies such as Amazon, Microsoft etc. begin at home, you can also begin like them and make it.
8. Build strategies to success. Now after starting you have a lot to do. Make sure you have goals to achieve every day, month, year, 3 years and son to ensure that you reach your dream within a stipulated time within your plan.
9. Look for a large market. Surely every large business got large market to serve, so to become big make sure you find big markets, test it you will testify to me.
Other tips to start business with little or no money
i) Obtain a bank loan
ii) Apply for government grant
iii) Raise money from crowd sourcing websites.
iv) Source money from family and friends.
v) Raise capital from investors.
vi) Take your idea to institutions that support entrepreneurship.
vii) Participate in entrepreneurship competitions.

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Thank you.