How spending is the top financial discipline that you must learn to create wealth.


top financial discipline

top financial discipline is spending
spend well and be well
Top financial discipline Most people think about is that, by not spending or spending less is the best way of wealth accumulation (being rich). As many people are rushing for money as the only mains of success and acquiring what they want in life. In fact success and prosperity goes beyond money borders to include body, mind and soul so is spending.  But for now am focusing on money because it’s a medium of exchange to almost everything on this earth, so it can be used to acquire almost everything in life if used in a rightful way. I want to assure you that spending is investing, wherever you spend your money, returns will come back to you. Be it in food, medical care, business, children, community, God, education, etc, the results will come back to you knowingly or unknowingly and the results will appear either positive or negative depending upon the nature to how and where you spent your money. Ever since I started this work of educating people to realize success in their lives, I have noticed that people are mainly poor due to luck of good spending habits /knowledge and specifically where, how and when to spend their money.  So, below are areas where spending is mostly done and the results are the way you are right now. Read them carefully and if applied well, you life will never be the same again.
  1. Medical care,

    can your poor medical habits contribute to your bad financial situation you are undergoing today? Or can your good financial situation you are enjoying today be partly attributed to your good medical habits. I beg you to stop reading a while and reflect on your side.                               Right, welcome back. What’s the answer on your side? Wherever side you are, I want to assure you that the answer is simply yes, why? Because; If you cheaply treat yourself with insufficient medical care and there is no complete healing, the disease will come back after some time and now more serious than ever before there requiring more spending than ever. If say initially your cancer treatment in its initial stages required $500 and you had only $1000 even not enough for the entire budget but you instead spent less and the disease was just massaged and felt no more pain. The second time, it will require you more than $1000 to treat the same disease. In our calture we say “medical bills first and struggle with the rest” this should be true to the entire population. Because of your poor spending habits on medical care, you will find yourself spending a lot than it could be resulting into financial instability.

  2. Eating, what do you eat? The most important quest

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Top reasons how poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive
poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive, Many people think that being poor is simple, yet you don’t have enough money to do what you are supposed to be doing. Being poor means you have no enough money for the things you have to do (your budget is always bigger than your pocket). So, things that you are supposed to do are; partly done, done substandard, cheaply bought but fake, temporarily postponed etc. And things are not supposed to be done that way, challenges are always postponed that comes with a fee that will always cost you a lot . So, life becomes expensive in that, all these needs that are not being met as required will have bigger negative effect on your life and of which will be solved very expensively and may affect even your small income or your capacity to maintain your small income or grow it. With this habit you dig deep into serious poverty and getting out becomes even harder. So, you are not enough in many areas and you will be greatly affected in the manner you don’t understand. Below are some of the ways through which a poor person has lived an expensive life. read them and other financial materials and you will be relieved from this challenge you are currently facing

Food if you ask any bachelor / university student accessing what to drop into your stomach is easy. For some working class, they slow to their stomach almost any food that crosses near them so long as it affordable and delicious, it’s like your stomach is your dust bin. The problem is getting health food, most foods and drink that are consumed are processed ones that contains a lot of cooking oils , preservatives, and other chemicals that have negative effect to our bodies which when you depend on them for a year your life is in a very big danger according to doctors. If you remain this kind of a person in long run if not a short one, you will be a good customer to doctors / hospitals and your medical bill will consume your budget with less energy to generate income resulting to small income and much expense that will send you deep into poverty. When I was single I used to behave the same and I could sometime have no even apatite and at times hungry but worried what to eat. What saved me was when I got a gas cylinder and I found it convenient with no smock, adjustable and cheap (because electricity was expensive) and after work, I could prepare a simple male but of quality.

Transport, this is what is unavoidable be that you have a job or a business and it appears to daily budgets of over 90% of the working class. When you are poor using public means becomes cheap financially but it’s expensive in terms of time and time is one of the most precious things that God gave to each one of us equally. It’s this time in fact that the rich buys cheaply from the poor and the rich becomes richer and the poor also poorer (this is one secrete of the rich over the poor). It’s again expensive to use a car when you are poor because it consumes much money than public mains and at the end of the day/month you have little or no savings. Remember in the money world a bigger saving is better than a bigger earning (i.e. if jimmy’s monthly income is $1000 but saves $200 for investing and Fred’s monthly income is $500 but saves 500 for investment then Fred is better than jimmy). I had a motorcycle, yes I could beat traffic jam and I had much time and I could do a lot of things a day for that matter but the fact that I was poor I couldn’t do the service in time and the fact that my motorcycle was not new it became so expensive in that these very things I could fail to service in time would course a major breakdown of major important parts that could cost me heavily financially and time loss. I could say fail to remove old oil for a new one and in a short run as I rush to catch up with my programs the motorcycle fails to move and taking it to the garage after checking it they cold tell me that the rings lacked lubricating oil and got spoilt and also the block got spoilt as a result, I needed $30 to service it back to the road yet it would only cost $3 for lubricating oil. So, this is how being poor is expensive.

Borrowing, when you are poor it becomes not easy to access money to grow or grab opportunities as they surface. This is, mainly because you don’t have assets to use as security and not easily trusted to pay back due to less cash flow. Sometimes even if it happens and you access that money its sometimes at a high interest rate and of a shorter period of time as compared the rich who take in bulk at a lower interest rate for a long period of time and even at times there is a grace period hence making it expensive for the poor to access credit and hard to pay It back even when accessed. My neighbor got a loan from the bank after his business collapsed due to withdrawn money to meet his medical bills for cancer treatment. He failed to service his loan to the end and his house that he had put as security was taken by the bank and the business collapsed and is now renting though employed but life is not good as per now. So, being poor is expensive.

Access to opportunities, to be great in life there must be something great that is associated to you. It may be that the company you are working for is big and it sales you big or by the virtual that you are working with a big company wherever you go you are respected and on demand, it may be that you accessed quality education and training therefore able to do work better than others in the same market segment, it may be that you succeed great wealth and well mentored to maintain and grow it, it may be that got married to a wealthier spouse, it may be that you got a great sponsor to your idea, it may be that you befriended someone big in one of social events you joined, etc. to access any of the above or related opportunity here is always a price to pay which in most cases is not far in monetary equivalent a challenge o he poor.

Medical, in many countries medical service are not for free or simply no enough free medical services. For that matter the life of the poor becomes expensive in that they don’t have enough money necessary to access full dosage and they keep getting sick of the same disease and as a result other diseases develop and much money and time is spent treating diseases. In my country Uganda many people share the same dosage e.g. if there are three people suffering from malaria within the same household and one goes for a health service and say drugs are given and a prescription is done for a drug like phancider say 4×4 these 16 tablets are shared among them and when there is no more money by the following day hat becomes all and in most cases they later feel ok but the disease keep coming year after year.

Community, in any community the ideas of reach people are valued so much by their fellow rich and even the poor due to the influence they have in their communities. This at most times suppresses ideas of the poor and in most cases their ideas favors them, their wellbeing and their growth. I remember in our community one community based organization held a community meeting to identify which type of service should be offered to our village( and need was largely on tap water ). One poor person suggested tap water and many supported it, but the discussion was turned down when the rich man of the land suggested that we have power. But now there is power and a big number of them (about 80%) don’t use it simply because they don’t afford it, yet over 90% struggle long distances for water. So, you see that there is a lot of time wasted everyday in fetching water, the time that would be used to do other productive things. Let me encourage you my dear reader of this post time wasted will never be regained, God gave to us this wonderful resource equally and that’s what distinguishes largely between the poor and the rich depending on the way you se it and what you do with it. To conclude my point the poor here continue to live expensive life especially in terms of time & energy wastage. Therefore it’s expensive to be poor.

Self packaging and branding. One of the greatest factors that promotes social life and results in economic gain is nice dressing. With nice dressing, you carry with yourself the power of attraction, the power that creates likes, the power that creates love, the power that creates opportunities and the power that creates money. This is what always mentioned among the secretes of success. Most poor don’t look good simply because they don’t have enough money to buy good/durable wears. Instead of buying a strong pair of shoes at $35 that lasts for 4 years he/she buys a weak one at $5 that lasts for 3 months. Here is a big difference that is not seen by our eyes but our mind. Its true that the one who has spent $35 has spent 7 times more than the one who has spent $5, but its as well true that you who has bought shoes at $5 will need to buy more of the same/related shoes 16 times more before the one of $35 buys new ones. This means that by the end of 4 years the one buying shoes at $5 will have spent $80 on shoes while the one who bought shoes of $35 will have spent only that $35. This means that this poor person who is not affording to buy strong shoes is paying heavily (ie more than double) and the time wasted is about 16 times more than the rich gay. Here the poor doesn’t only loose money and time but also gains no respect above others and no power to attract good people and opportunities to his/her life. This also clearly explains why being poor is expensive.

Speaking, if you tell any poor to attend a public speaking course he/she may not take you serious, because the money for the poor is for survival and only mind about surviving and that’s why the remain in that state. There are a lot of things that you keep loosing in many areas not limited to leadership positions in your field. You will keep paying highly for being at the bottom. Speaking is an art and you need to learn and develop speaking skills to attract attention for big people and the public in general. Abraham Lincoln rose to the top as a USA president mainly because he was a good public speaker. But the secretes behind good public speaking are reading booking especially relevant to your field of endeavors, develop good listening skills, join top associations in the industry.

Conclusion there is saying that poverty is like a crowing lion, meaning that poverty is not easy, it attacks, bites and kills. Unless you equip yourself (with relevant information), poverty is ready for you. So, as long as you are still poor the above mentioned situation will surface in your. Only to escape these conditions you have to plan for a transition and remember it’s not just a change but a process. Poverty is mainly a mindset and habits that you adopted as you grew. Most people fail to get out of poverty because they don’t understand that it’s a process. Some people even read about financial literacy materials for some months or years but they don’t see themselves transformed into successful/rich people. The poor habits that you acquired since childhood cant go within a month or a year, you have to get out the negative people in your life, negative habits like poor saving, stop investing in liabilities and start investing in assets, believing that rich people are greedy and not helping etc. as you read and patiently apply such success related information from trusted sources you will find yourself transformed in a way you easily don’t understand. This is the only way poor people can transform themselves into successful ones but otherwise you may be subjected to poverty to the end of your life and even transmit this poverty to your siblings and the chain continues but otherwise its you to break this poverty. Otherwise your life may remain expensive.

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

poverty comes expensive

build a residual income


Build a residual income that gets you through retirement and pass it to your children and your children’s children
You are welcome to this topic that I think everyone who is making money want to realize in life, but before I go further I wish first to put down the meaning of a residual income as its meaning tend to vary across minds of many people. A residual income is hat type of stable earning that doesn’t require your daily presence in order to generate you that earning. This type of income is mostly built out of experience or managed for you by skilled and experienced people. So, below are some of the habits that will enable you experience this;
1) Willingness, this is a great factor of all factors that will lead you to realizing this in your life. Some of you I hear whispering yourselves that how can one not be will for such? But listen there is a big different between wanting and willing, when willing, you are in to do whatever it takes to achieve what you want. In otherwise research and know what is required of you (or any other person) to do in order to achieve the desired results. Please my fellow comrade reader of my posts this is a great secrete that differiciates between those who succeed and those who fail in life. And for those of you if not most of you who may feel lazy or the journey boring (as it will require you to stretch your comfort zone) you will need to train yourself to gain faith, gats, love etc to leave your comfort zone and confront the task ahead of you for your dream to be realized. Write some statements such as I will build a great residual income of say $200000 within the next two years. Etc on a place you see most daily or pronounce it three times a day, sooner than latter your subconscious mind will take it and you will find yourself totally desiring to achieve it with all your body, mind and Saul, after attaining that , you have already more than a half succeeded. To more understand and gain this power read napoleon hill book think and grow rich especially on chapters of faith and desire.
2) Saving culture; all surveys conducted by different research institutions such as banckrate, Forbes magazine, etc shows that atleast 75% of people across different countries of the world don’t save (reserve money for intended idea development), this is a great mess that this world is facing. Saving is not easy at all provided you have no techniques at you finger tips and have not yet developed that willingness to save, but once you make it a habit it’s a great tool that can transform and transfer you from scratch to riches. In realizing your dream (especially financial dream) it involves some small goal achievements every day, every week, every month, every year and so on, and in each step it will require some sort of financing where you need to have saved for that intended goal. For each goal that you are to accomplish, you must be prepared to handle it be in terms of financing, human resource, knowledge, etc.
3) Have an income, this is for those who have not aquired where to earn a living, have what to do and aquire skills and do some savings as you research where to invest your savings.
4) Knowledge and skills; I want to asure you that without enough knowledge and skills in an area you want to build your residual income, however good that type of income may be, you are bound to fail unless you employ experts in that field to do you the work
5) Have a clear plan; a plan is very critical if you are to have a residual income to your way
6) Invest in stable things that grows either or in cash flow or both in ;
7) Excellent system;
8) ;patience
9) Good relationship and mentorship;
10) write a will;
Otherwise, after the above factors are put into concideration you can invest your money in the following areas where there is stable income on your investments (residual income).
i) Real estate;
ii) Stocks and bonds;
iii) Blogging
iv) Built a website and put ads.
v) Built software;
vi) Develop amps;
vii) Design themes and plug-in for free and request for donation;
viii) Develop an eBook, music, podcast, book etc.

Does a loan build or brake ?

Does a loan build or brake?

when to have a loan
understand a loan


I recently found 3 people discussing together and 2 in a disagreement while one in a dilemma as he was seeking for a solution to his problem. They where arguing about borrowing money from financial institutions, the money of which has to be paid back with interest. I managed to get all their names. Both James and Fred had ever borrowed money from banks, but unfortunately James borrowed money and added some of his savings and bought a car. With only his salary  partly paid but failed to complete the payments because it was not enough and his properties including a plot of land he used as security for his loan was taken and sold off and was given back a small balance of just $8 and went into a very worse situation than it was before. As a result James decided never to borrow again and he was strongly against borrowing and advising Bruno who had financial challenges and wanted more money to grow his business.  James normally borrows money and pays back very well and grows his businesses and other investments. The above scenario carries a lot to learn especially if you desire to attain financial independence. This time am not offering any solution in the above challenge but rather table this to the audience to come up with the best solution.                                                                                        What is your say about this scenario and what advice do you give Bruno?

New action to prosperity

New is a term we use that means acquiring what you have never acquired that can transform you to realize better life.  Action, is taking a practice step to effect new thing as your habit. Where as prosperity is living a quality life where you can provide yourself all the basic needs and reaching others to realize their dreams without violation of anyone’s rights. So, new action to prosperity is landing at what you have never known and going an extra step to practice that to make it a habit that will help you reach a milestone and live a quality life and well with others.   So, if you are a kind of a person who wishes to realize this in your life endeavor to make use of our content and subscribe to always receive our updates. I want to assure you that you will be transformed and wonder why you where reluctant to embrace this site, and please Endeavour to inform your friends because succeeding with others is what prosperity means. Before I go any further prosperity is based on developing there three basic areas i.e. spirit, body, mind and soul. So, below are a list of things that will help you develop all the above four pillars of prosperity.

  1. Join organized believers, this helps in spiritual growth, whatever you believe in will help you reach an intended goal because your mind will be connected to your spirit and there is nowhere the sprite can’t reach and with proper belief and action you will find yourself getting things in a way you don’t understand.

    create a new strong brand to prosperity
  2. Join new relevant associations and people, whether you like it or not the people you associate with will influence you either positively or negatively, so, endeavor to associate with people that will build you towards the direction of your dream. And don’t quote me wrong I don’t mean to neglect or hate the people whose characters and habits cannot help or even sabotage you from achieving your dream but instead love them to part them positively for them also to make it in life using the inspirations you get from these people above you normally associate with. This will help you attain new better life.
  3. Do exercises, you will never grow health without doing exercises even your mind will not work well. So, no exercises no health, no wealth. This will help you stay longer, escape some diseases where by concentrating more time and other resources to building your dream.
  4. Read books about prosperity and other relevant information, as food is to the body so is information, as bad food to the body results to bad health so also bad information results to a bad or low quality person. If you are to grow find new quality information usually from successful people in your area of endeavors and as well professional people and organizations but most importantly read books, watch tv stations and news that builds you attend seminars, watch and listen to taped and many more related information.
  5. Be of focus, in this world there are so many things that will confuse you and tend to divide your attention, but I encourage you to always stay focus on a particular thing until completion. I don’t mean not to do anything at all but do whatever it takes to bring your dream to reality, if say you are to devote 5 hour every day after job and at night to build your blog or any other side business to popularity, please do it. The worst thing you can do when things become impossible is a rest but as you look the way through. One time I was watching a documentary and a lion could run at one particular cob even if it joins other cobs until the lion lands on its neck, so this is the focus we should have to achieving whatever we want in life.
  6. Find your passion, very many people don’t know where their passion lays and they find themselves nowhere to concentrate and there keep doing what they don’t enjoy and there don’t do it perfectly to bring them to the top. So, finding and going for your passion is a critical step to anyone’s success. If even it means getting trained/going back to study, do it I guarantee you, your passion will save you.


Top 10 Ways produce Money Online Right Now

online cash
Ways produce Money Online

  our guest’s post

Converting an extra bedroom into an office is easy to do today thanks to wireless technological innovation. You could take a laptop for example to your desk and work without ever being hard-wired directly to your personal computer. Perfect do replacing thing in addition to cell simply call.

Having a lot of possibilities, where does one start? It’s not at all so easy to find the right Internet organization because a lot of people will see that there are scams rrn existence. There are a regarding Business opportunities on the particular that take your money and perform.

The primary thing is your content. Content is what brings visitors to all of your site . it is what will allow them reading around and clicking on those good affiliate links that allow you to work from their home. Make sure that you make content proper for your readers and how the ad content on your internet site reflects this unique. For example, you don’t want compose for a large group of cd fans while running ads for home appliances. If you have high quality, interesting content, visitors rapidly realize your site and check out your web links.

Start weblog. Even if you loathe to write you need to have blog which enable hire a blog writer to write for they. Blogs are a good solution to keep website is up known.

It’s true, the fastest or quickest approach in order to money can be short lived if you don’t plan out you endeavor. But, it’s also very powerful approach when you can manage and accumulate the return for building your enduring goal.

Also, advantage is you actually can making use of around contributions when you sell things online a really wonderful actually working or less than. This permits much greater flexibility in when and how you perform the duties of well.

There are lots of ways to Make Money Online. Our time isn’t enough to gain success in all of those methods. If you want it to successful, it really is to empty your bottle and open it up for brand new content. The things i suggest for you to try discover a certain way and be the best one or two ways. Finally, you’ll money online simple. Action, believe me, a good business idea can be profitable, if somebody starts to advance the in an identical way to enjoy it, fully understand it is possible to Make Money online home payday reviews is not for are unable to start doing something, start something.

But, cause it: when promises of “big bucks” are derived.even the most rational person’s common sense can quickly melt away from you. That’s why it’s important to stay alert.

How to create Money Online With Clickbank – Cb Pirate Review

This  post belongs to our guest

The big plus with online, reality that there are countless different websites that review different pores and skin products. Along with the same holds true for make-money-online products.

make money with click bank
make money with click bank

It is certainly not anything difficult but there truly are key in order to learn. While the Bum Marketing technique is not an exact science (what advertising program truly can just be?). With practice and diligence you may turn to make a decent living online.

If you still have to this point, you should have your domain and hosting ready, and in addition have some quality content take a seat on your place. This is very important since our next step is resident of the country Google ad-sense. Before google approve your application, they’ll manually evaluate your website and professional your website is qualified, that means it has great quality content, not only a “Hello World! Test 1,2,3″. After you submit the application, you should wait a short time to sit up for google to approve your website.

There is a way to Make Money Online any website. Within just 5 minutes you can get started without using any kind of your own money. Using clickbank the internet’s largest marketplace 1 of the web’s most desirable search engines, you encounter real income real fast. Best of all without a web site! Clickbank contains thousands of informational that can be sold within web without a website. Products range from “how repair your credit” to “how to save the gas.” The list goes in. They pay 50% to 75% per sale you make for just referring paying customers to some. Signing program clickbank entirely FREE, the contraptions need is a valid email.

Pay per lead programs are good for beginners. You don’t need any experience to find success perform properly business which is one of the many reason s that newbie’s are drawn to this marketing.

Drop shipping – Buy cheap, sell high! No not the stock market, drop distribution. Buy from wholesalers cheap and sell at shop price. Make money on every product sold!

Don’t you TMB Revenue need to be the virtual Donald trump? All you have to do is buy domains and/or websites and then sell on them for profit. You can even start at a ground up and produce the site yourself, and sell. This can be insanely profitable when you get a domain for just $8 promote it for $5000. Let us say you bought the domain for a measly $10? How much do you believe they would pay you for this item?


3 Steps To Successful Article Marketing Today

If you could attract that certain group of people which feel just like about your passion a person do, they’ll become buyers. Maybe you and a nominated friend just adore certain products, big screen televisions, jewelry, or trends. There is a customer base for so many niches online.

easy income fastThe downside to not better still map or a plan is that you could very easily get lost and be vulnerable to directions from complete guests. Or, to put it another way, you may get distracted and decide to stop off at most tourist destination you overlook.

The exact same thing is true when one join the chance. You have perform hard if you’d like to cash. Most people underestimate how hard it in order to Make Money Online when they first start.

When they get that promotion they’ve been wanting and possess more money coming in they acquire a bigger house, a better car and borrow significantly more money. With end laptop or computer they aren’t any better of than these people before.

The Last Bonus is really great, It is a great in order to out your skills to the test. I can’t reveal what it is having said that will like a good test for your newly acquired marketing skillsets.

The Autopilot Profits system truly can be a complete Plug ‘N Play, Turnkey money machine for you to print profits for you automatically. The Blueprint, may divided into simple Easy Income Fast to understand steps, indicates exactly for you to do, how to do it and where to do the program. As an added bonus it a person a great Step-By-Step ‘Do-This-And-Then-Do-That’ Action To be able to follow and Guarantees that one could make profitable trades!

Low others. Don’t pick a topic that is outrageously competitive, like “online radio”. Examine the second page of Google results to see if the competition is too ferocious. Chances are, if you can reach the second page, within long-term you may make it to your first. Along with follow the below guidance.

Going for job or a business?

                                                      Going for job or a business?

Going for a job or business
Going for a job or business

This is a question that I found two people arguing about, and I thought its relevant to discuss it on this platform to share it with my comrade users of this site, because this is a question that cuts across any human being who has reached an understand and the purpose of money. As these two alone constitutes over 98% of the sources of income we have on this planet, so we have to handle this question wisely. I managed to get the names of these gentlemen (i.e. Bruno who was in for a business and john who was in favor of having a job) but unfortunately these guys went quickly abruptly without me sharing about the issue but I have decided to bring it to this platform to share my views here and also give you an opportunity to share yours even to social media (at the bottom of this post) so that at the end of it all we are able to take right discussion for the sake of our success. But before I give you my view I want first to give you the basis each of these gentlemen’s line of argument. John was saying that having a job is fan, assured of money at the end of the month, no hassles like in running a business etc. While Bruno was arguing that with business you’re the own boss, you can do other things diversify your income and easily become rich than having a job which will be the only source of income due to limited time to diversify and manage your ventures. its as well true that according to their discussion Bruno first went for a job but he was not comfortable with the way the job treated him (ie bosses commands, salary comes when the debts are almost equal to it, there is little or no saving at all, little or no enough time to concentrate on you things etc). Also john first went for business but he could not generate more money to grow the business that resulted in loss of customers, a lot of expenses like rents, taxes, losses etc. This experience was one of the main reasons for their disagreements. So, this is my say:
As you can see one fails in one area and another succeeds in the same area and vice versa. This is a common phenomenon in this world, one succeeds but one doesn’t understand why and how it came about, so is failing. Human beings we are create differently with different talents, passion and uniqueness, to succeed in life you have to discover yourself and make use of these ingredients in you. God created us differently because our needs and wants are different and there is something within you that God entrusted you with to satisfy his people so if you discover that and go boldly for it you will do it perfectly and blessings and opportunities will embrace you to realize, you are a great successful person that everybody want to associate with. So have what it takes to go for something. Don’t go for a business because you have no job, if you have no passion, skills and commitment you will never make it. But you can go for a job because you have no business if you aim is to raise enough capital, have skills, tools people and knowledge to enable you start your own. If you don’t have enough capital and knowledge first find your passion or a business you love doing and join a big related business after sometime when you have acquired enough capital, people, tools and knowledge quite and start yours. I have disciplined this question based on true meaning of success. But if you looking at accumulating money, my dear friend the reader of my posts I recommend you to business. You will never never and never accumulate great wealth without building businesses/investments and you will never show me top richest people in any country who are generating ther wealth not in business investments. But I encourage you to learn skills to build businesses that you may leave for months or even a year and find it running still better, (read Robert kiyosaki’s books especially that of cash flow quadrant) otherwise these businesses that requires your presence always are not businesses by your job, where when you get sick its also on bed rest and if it happens that you are unable to attend to it for like a months or more it will fail or start it a fresh. Another advantages of a business over a job are;
i) You own it.
ii) It keeps growing as you also grow.
iii) It supports you after your retirement.
iv) You can pass it to your children And even further.
v) Easy to grab opportunities like tender that can push you to greater far.
vi) Etc.
My dear, this is my view i want also to hear yours, do you support Bruno or john?

secretes of multimillionaires

secretes of multimillionaires

You may think that being a multimillionaire is just a far dream beyond your reach’ but becoming a multimillionaire require certain habit that need to be adopted within you to cross there. Below are some of these habits/secretes of multimillionaires.

  1. Decide to be a millionaire. Make sure that your mind body and soul are fully aware that you want to be a millionaire. Make a definite statement at least 3 times a day, e.g. “I want to be 10 million dollar rich gay within 5 years” and clearly state how you expect to get it. You can as well write it somewhere you can see and read it everyday or any other methods that daily reminds you of your dream. This alone will later create a force towards becoming what you want to be and as well creates opportunities drawn towards you into becoming what you want to be. Then you will later find yourself a multimillionaire in uncommon way you don’t understand then you will wonder about these secretes of multimillionaires.

           Being rich is a choice as well as being poor.

working smart
fruits of working smart
  1. Treat it like a duty. Multimillionaires expectations are always very high, even if they fail they think again and look at their mistakes and come back in a different version. Make sure that you and your body, mind and soul are aware that its your duty to be a millionaire, you will not stabilize until you become one and you will. This determination and willingness to do what it takes to achieve your dream are great secretes of multimillionaires.
  2. Surround themselves with multimillionaires. Rich people understand it that its motivation and knowledge that makes you fly. Rich people always motivates in the way they say or do things and the way they think. This helps you get inspired to think big and do big things if you surround yourself with such big people far ahead of you. Millionaires motivates in the way they do their things and even things they do, and many people want to associate with them in so doing you will also admire that state. That alone creates a great force and opportunities to becoming a millionaire.
  3. Get rid of poverty thinking. Most of the people get the poverty thoughts from their ancestors who where poor and the poverty cycle continues from generation to generations. Thoughts like rich people are greedy, money doesn’t grow on trees, am not made out of money, there is no money etc. replaces them with those for the rich such as there is abundance of money in this world, money is power, money is great etc. you will get transformed.
  4. Create and buy time. Rich people understand that time is more valued than money and that’s what God gave us all equally and the way you use your time determines your state. They hire it from the poor and get many hours a day if not a year a day which gives them better potential to gather lots of knowledge and energy to generate a lot of money for them. One person like bill gates buys time from thousands of people for an average time of not less than 8 hours a day consuming hours close to million a day gathering a lot of knowledge and skills hence huge sums of money.
  5. Invest more in assets than liabilities. Rich people invest much of their money in things that brings money to their pockets/account and grows in value with time such as houses, businesses, stocks etc unlike the poor and middle class who put much of their money in things that takes away money from their pockets and depreciate with time such as cars, home appliances etc.

                  After acquiring successful habits wealth get attracted to you in the most                                       unexpected

                    Ways and that’s when you will understand these secretes of multimillionaires.

  1. Diversify your income. The rich don’t depend on only one source of income, they have multiple flows of income because they understand that at given time t your certain source of income may encounter certain challenges which may lead to collapse but with multiple source one aids the other and there is a diversified growth in knowledge.
  2. Pay yourself first. When I first heard of this I thought it was not to pay others and hence being greed and not Godly but it’s not like that, you must pay others as well but pay yourself first. Paying yourself first means whatever income you generate immediately take off not less than 10% and save it to your investment account ( an account intended for buying things that bring money into your account such as land, business ,business machines etc ). This is a great secrete my dear who wish to be a millionaire because if you don’t do this and pay other things first like rent, electricity bill, home needs, etc. you will find at the end having no money to save, but if you pay your self first you find yourself able to survive on the remaining income and will find yourself building investments with time and create grate wealth. The advice I give you is to save with a purpose not saving recklessly and when the money is enough for what you want please buy it and start saving again, this will encourage you see what you have done and motivate you to save more and again the money that is saved is not generating enough returns than the invested money.


  1. They have a sense of agency.
  2. They find strong mentor.
  3. They focus on leverage.
  4. They don’t care what other people think.


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