Self awareness is key to self development and true success

Self awareness
Self awareness is key to seldevelopment

Self awareness

This is where you have to understand who you are even more (i.e. weaknesses and the strength of a particular individual). This is done to help concentrate on the strength or work upon the weaknesses to realize furthermore the desired goal/dream. very many people indeed fail not because they have much less knowledge, capital or other resources required to realize your dream, but they don’t concentrate on their strength (where work is done easily and passionately) or work on their weaknesses and end up failing. very successful person understands his or personal behaviors and characters, he or she employs someone else where he or she is weak and concentrates on the strength.

Bill gates (one of the richest people on this plate earth) did not invent the software that made him richest man but just bought the software from other programmers. Indeed this illustrates that he was weaker than these programmers but was strong on the side of business. So, by employing this technique of self awareness, it helped him go through to becoming a very rich gay. But for unsuccessful people, they spend time talking about the behavior and achievements/failures of others and they can’t tell those of their own. So concentrate in knowing your strength and weaknesses and do the needful.

Self awareness exercise to know your strength and weaknesses.

1. What natural abilities do I have?
2. What things do I do better than other people?
3. How have I grown in the last year?
4. What most difficult things have I accomplished?
5. What am I proudest of?
6. On what would I most likely to receive complements about myself?

 Personal weaknesses guiding questions

1. What about me most upset the people I work with?
2. What criticism would my closest friend give me if asked?
3. What am I least proud of?
4. What criticism would my boss give me?
5. What area(s) of my behavior would I most like to improve most?

Questions that will change your life
1. What would you do if you won $1 million dollar on the rotary ticket?
2. What would you do if you had six weeks to live?
3. What do you dream of achieving, attempting or experiencing?
4. What is your greatest fear that holds you back from starting on your dream?
5. Describe the job or working station you would preffer to work in.
6. What one great thing would you do if you where sure that you would not fail?


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