Questions that will make you successful

Questions that will make you successful

Questions that will make you successful
Questions that will make you successful

Successful is a term that almost everybody (if not everybody) wishes to arrive at in life, but unfortunately it’s the few that realize success in their lives. Research therefore shows that only 10% of the people in the world are successful, and this therefore means that 90% are unsuccessful, which is a worrying figure.     You may be among this unsuccessful number aiming to cross and achieve you desired success, below are great questions to ask yourself that will create awareness, create emotions and feelings, inspire you, and make you uncomfortable to stretch your comfort zone and cross to a better  level to realize success in your life.

therefore here are the most relevant questions to your success

  1. What have I done to make those I love feel loved?
  2. Am i doing enough to make this world a better place to live in?
  3. What are my doing to make my body strong, resilient, flexible and healthy?
  4. Do I have a big dream that I can die for and I divided into periodic goals and I do something everyday to achieve it?
  5. If everybody in this world was like me, how would the world look like? Would it be a world I desire to live in?
  6. Am I doing what I enjoy doing?
  7. What things am I proud to have done?
  8. Am I helping those below me to grow?
  9. Are the most people I associate with above me and inspires/helps me to grow?
  10. I read a book every weak in direction to my dream/success and this has helped me grow.

Therefore read these questions everyday and they will help you grow.


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