Habits that make people poor; avoid them to become rich

become rich or you are rich?

Habits that make people poor; know and avoid them to become rich

become rich or you are rich?
become rich or you are rich?

I know you are reading this post because you want to become rich or you are rich and you want not to become poor, but either way you are right. Below are proven habits that will guide you to become rich.

  1. Have a dream in your life and stick to to the end.
  2. Be persistent in whatever you are doing and always aim higher.
  3. Tracking your income and expenditures regularly.
  4. Being careful not to overspend on gifts.
  5. Never buying anything on impulse.
  6. Doing some research before making a purchase.
  7. Saving part of your income for retirement.
  8. Keeping money in your wallet to a minimum.
  9. Spending less than you earn every month.
  10. Having an exit strategy when investing.
  11. Never assuming past performance guarantees future results.
  12. Taking advantage of automatic paycheck deductions.
  13. Reading all contracts before signing on the dotted line.
  14. Planning your meals menuin advance.
  15. Keeping a budget is fundamental in order to become rich.
  16. Do your maintenance early.
  17. Paying the bills on time.
  18. Taking advantage of coupons and internet promotional codes as often as possible.
  19. Refusing to pay the minimum on your credit card bills each month.
  20. Buy things that grow in value steadily like land.
  21. Never hoping for an inheritance to solve your money problems.
  22. Avoiding the use of payday loans to cover temporary financial shortfalls.
  23. Not relying on Social Security as your primary source of retirement income.
  24. Setting, and then regularly reviewing and updating your savings goals.
  25. Resisting the urge to float checks right before payday.
  26. Understand a business / an investment before you invest in it.
  27. Ignoring the temptation to keep up with the Joneses.
  28. Negotiating whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  29. Maintaining an emergency fund.
  30. Avoiding frugality as a means to achieve prosperity.
Therefore revise yourself to include some of these habits that you are lacking, then you will see a great change that will enable you become rich.

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