Why you need a job before a business

job to business
job first then to business

business? I am pleased to bring this topic before you, because it is one of the challenging stations I have encountered in the world of money and business . I have seen many businesses grow and I have as well seen businesses fail and to be true to you, the main cause of business failure is lack of hands on work experience and vice versa. Continue reading “Why you need a job before a business”

Self awareness is key to self development and true success

Self awareness
Self awareness is key to seldevelopment

Self awareness

This is where you have to understand who you are even more (i.e. weaknesses and the strength of a particular individual). This is done to help concentrate on the strength or work upon the weaknesses to realize furthermore the desired goal/dream. very Continue reading “Self awareness is key to self development and true success”

Questions that will make you successful

Questions that will make you successful

Questions that will make you successful
Questions that will make you successful

Successful is a term that almost everybody (if not everybody) wishes to arrive at in life, but unfortunately it’s the few that realize success in their lives. Research therefore shows that only 10% of the people in the world are successful, and this therefore means that 90% are unsuccessful, which is a worrying figure.     You may be among this Continue reading “Questions that will make you successful”

How spending is the top financial discipline that you must learn to create wealth.


top financial discipline

top financial discipline is spending
spend well and be well
Top financial discipline Most people think about is that, by not spending or spending less is the best way of wealth accumulation (being rich). As many people are rushing for money as the only mains of success and acquiring what they want in life. In fact success and prosperity goes beyond money borders to include body, mind and soul so is spending.  But for now am focusing on money because it’s a medium of exchange to almost everything on this earth, so it can be used to acquire almost everything in life if used in a rightful way. I want to assure you that spending is investing, wherever you spend your money, returns will come back to you. Be it in food, medical care, business, children, community, God, education, etc, the results will come back to you knowingly or unknowingly and the results will appear either positive or negative depending upon the nature to how and where you spent your money. Ever since I started this work of educating people to realize success in their lives, I have noticed that people are mainly poor due to luck of good spending habits /knowledge and specifically where, how and when to spend their money.  So, below are areas where spending is mostly done and the results are the way you are right now. Read them carefully and if applied well, you life will never be the same again.
  1. Medical care,

    can your poor medical habits contribute to your bad financial situation you are undergoing today? Or can your good financial situation you are enjoying today be partly attributed to your good medical habits. I beg you to stop reading a while and reflect on your side.                               Right, welcome back. What’s the answer on your side? Wherever side you are, I want to assure you that the answer is simply yes, why? Because; If you cheaply treat yourself with insufficient medical care and there is no complete healing, the disease will come back after some time and now more serious than ever before there requiring more spending than ever. If say initially your cancer treatment in its initial stages required $500 and you had only $1000 even not enough for the entire budget but you instead spent less and the disease was just massaged and felt no more pain. The second time, it will require you more than $1000 to treat the same disease. In our calture we say “medical bills first and struggle with the rest” this should be true to the entire population. Because of your poor spending habits on medical care, you will find yourself spending a lot than it could be resulting into financial instability.

  2. Eating, what do you eat? The most important quest

Continue reading “How spending is the top financial discipline that you must learn to create wealth.”

build a residual income


Build a residual income that gets you through retirement and pass it to your children and your children’s children
You are welcome to this topic that I think everyone who is making money want to realize in life, but before I go further I wish first to put down the meaning of a residual income as its meaning tend to vary across minds of many people. A residual income is hat type of stable earning that doesn’t require your daily presence in order to generate you that earning. This type of income is mostly built out of experience or managed for you by skilled and experienced people. So, below are some of the habits that will enable you experience this;
1) Willingness, this is a great factor of all factors that will lead you to realizing this in your life. Some of you I hear whispering yourselves that how can one not be will for such? But listen there is a big different between wanting and willing, when willing, you are in to do whatever it takes to achieve what you want. In otherwise research and know what is required of you (or any other person) to do in order to achieve the desired results. Please my fellow comrade reader of my posts this is a great secrete that differiciates between those who succeed and those who fail in life. And for those of you if not most of you who may feel lazy or the journey boring (as it will require you to stretch your comfort zone) you will need to train yourself to gain faith, gats, love etc to leave your comfort zone and confront the task ahead of you for your dream to be realized. Write some statements such as I will build a great residual income of say $200000 within the next two years. Etc on a place you see most daily or pronounce it three times a day, sooner than latter your subconscious mind will take it and you will find yourself totally desiring to achieve it with all your body, mind and Saul, after attaining that , you have already more than a half succeeded. To more understand and gain this power read napoleon hill book think and grow rich especially on chapters of faith and desire.
2) Saving culture; all surveys conducted by different research institutions such as banckrate, Forbes magazine, etc shows that atleast 75% of people across different countries of the world don’t save (reserve money for intended idea development), this is a great mess that this world is facing. Saving is not easy at all provided you have no techniques at you finger tips and have not yet developed that willingness to save, but once you make it a habit it’s a great tool that can transform and transfer you from scratch to riches. In realizing your dream (especially financial dream) it involves some small goal achievements every day, every week, every month, every year and so on, and in each step it will require some sort of financing where you need to have saved for that intended goal. For each goal that you are to accomplish, you must be prepared to handle it be in terms of financing, human resource, knowledge, etc.
3) Have an income, this is for those who have not aquired where to earn a living, have what to do and aquire skills and do some savings as you research where to invest your savings.
4) Knowledge and skills; I want to asure you that without enough knowledge and skills in an area you want to build your residual income, however good that type of income may be, you are bound to fail unless you employ experts in that field to do you the work
5) Have a clear plan; a plan is very critical if you are to have a residual income to your way
6) Invest in stable things that grows either or in cash flow or both in ;
7) Excellent system;
8) ;patience
9) Good relationship and mentorship;
10) write a will;
Otherwise, after the above factors are put into concideration you can invest your money in the following areas where there is stable income on your investments (residual income).
i) Real estate;
ii) Stocks and bonds;
iii) Blogging
iv) Built a website and put ads.
v) Built software;
vi) Develop amps;
vii) Design themes and plug-in for free and request for donation;
viii) Develop an eBook, music, podcast, book etc.

Does a loan build or brake ?

Does a loan build or brake?

when to have a loan
understand a loan


I recently found 3 people discussing together and 2 in a disagreement while one in a dilemma as he was seeking for a solution to his problem. They where arguing about borrowing money from financial institutions, the money of which has to be paid back with interest. I managed to get all their names. Both James and Fred had ever borrowed money from banks, but unfortunately James borrowed money and added some of his savings and bought a car. With only his salary  partly paid but failed to complete the payments because it was not enough and his properties including a plot of land he used as security for his loan was taken and sold off and was given back a small balance of just $8 and went into a very worse situation than it was before. As a result James decided never to borrow again and he was strongly against borrowing and advising Bruno who had financial challenges and wanted more money to grow his business.  James normally borrows money and pays back very well and grows his businesses and other investments. The above scenario carries a lot to learn especially if you desire to attain financial independence. This time am not offering any solution in the above challenge but rather table this to the audience to come up with the best solution.                                                                                        What is your say about this scenario and what advice do you give Bruno?

New action to prosperity

New is a term we use that means acquiring what you have never acquired that can transform you to realize better life.  Action, is taking a practice step to effect new thing as your habit. Where as prosperity is living a quality life where you can provide yourself all the basic needs and reaching others to realize their dreams without violation of anyone’s rights. So, new action to prosperity is landing at what you have never known and going an extra step to practice that to make it a habit that will help you reach a milestone and live a quality life and well with others.   So, if you are a kind of a person who wishes to realize this in your life endeavor to make use of our content and subscribe to always receive our updates. I want to assure you that you will be transformed and wonder why you where reluctant to embrace this site, and please Endeavour to inform your friends because succeeding with others is what prosperity means. Before I go any further prosperity is based on developing there three basic areas i.e. spirit, body, mind and soul. So, below are a list of things that will help you develop all the above four pillars of prosperity.

  1. Join organized believers, this helps in spiritual growth, whatever you believe in will help you reach an intended goal because your mind will be connected to your spirit and there is nowhere the sprite can’t reach and with proper belief and action you will find yourself getting things in a way you don’t understand.

    create a new strong brand to prosperity
  2. Join new relevant associations and people, whether you like it or not the people you associate with will influence you either positively or negatively, so, endeavor to associate with people that will build you towards the direction of your dream. And don’t quote me wrong I don’t mean to neglect or hate the people whose characters and habits cannot help or even sabotage you from achieving your dream but instead love them to part them positively for them also to make it in life using the inspirations you get from these people above you normally associate with. This will help you attain new better life.
  3. Do exercises, you will never grow health without doing exercises even your mind will not work well. So, no exercises no health, no wealth. This will help you stay longer, escape some diseases where by concentrating more time and other resources to building your dream.
  4. Read books about prosperity and other relevant information, as food is to the body so is information, as bad food to the body results to bad health so also bad information results to a bad or low quality person. If you are to grow find new quality information usually from successful people in your area of endeavors and as well professional people and organizations but most importantly read books, watch tv stations and news that builds you attend seminars, watch and listen to taped and many more related information.
  5. Be of focus, in this world there are so many things that will confuse you and tend to divide your attention, but I encourage you to always stay focus on a particular thing until completion. I don’t mean not to do anything at all but do whatever it takes to bring your dream to reality, if say you are to devote 5 hour every day after job and at night to build your blog or any other side business to popularity, please do it. The worst thing you can do when things become impossible is a rest but as you look the way through. One time I was watching a documentary and a lion could run at one particular cob even if it joins other cobs until the lion lands on its neck, so this is the focus we should have to achieving whatever we want in life.
  6. Find your passion, very many people don’t know where their passion lays and they find themselves nowhere to concentrate and there keep doing what they don’t enjoy and there don’t do it perfectly to bring them to the top. So, finding and going for your passion is a critical step to anyone’s success. If even it means getting trained/going back to study, do it I guarantee you, your passion will save you.