Questions that will make you successful

Questions that will make you successful

Questions that will make you successful
Questions that will make you successful

Successful is a term that almost everybody (if not everybody) wishes to arrive at in life, but unfortunately it’s the few that realize success in their lives. Research therefore shows that only 10% of the people in the world are successful, and this therefore means that 90% are unsuccessful, which is a worrying figure.     You may be among this Continue reading “Questions that will make you successful”

How spending is the top financial discipline that you must learn to create wealth.


top financial discipline

top financial discipline is spending
spend well and be well
Top financial discipline Most people think about is that, by not spending or spending less is the best way of wealth accumulation (being rich). As many people are rushing for money as the only mains of success and acquiring what they want in life. In fact success and prosperity goes beyond money borders to include body, mind and soul so is spending.  But for now am focusing on money because it’s a medium of exchange to almost everything on this earth, so it can be used to acquire almost everything in life if used in a rightful way. I want to assure you that spending is investing, wherever you spend your money, returns will come back to you. Be it in food, medical care, business, children, community, God, education, etc, the results will come back to you knowingly or unknowingly and the results will appear either positive or negative depending upon the nature to how and where you spent your money. Ever since I started this work of educating people to realize success in their lives, I have noticed that people are mainly poor due to luck of good spending habits /knowledge and specifically where, how and when to spend their money.  So, below are areas where spending is mostly done and the results are the way you are right now. Read them carefully and if applied well, you life will never be the same again.
  1. Medical care,

    can your poor medical habits contribute to your bad financial situation you are undergoing today? Or can your good financial situation you are enjoying today be partly attributed to your good medical habits. I beg you to stop reading a while and reflect on your side.                               Right, welcome back. What’s the answer on your side? Wherever side you are, I want to assure you that the answer is simply yes, why? Because; If you cheaply treat yourself with insufficient medical care and there is no complete healing, the disease will come back after some time and now more serious than ever before there requiring more spending than ever. If say initially your cancer treatment in its initial stages required $500 and you had only $1000 even not enough for the entire budget but you instead spent less and the disease was just massaged and felt no more pain. The second time, it will require you more than $1000 to treat the same disease. In our calture we say “medical bills first and struggle with the rest” this should be true to the entire population. Because of your poor spending habits on medical care, you will find yourself spending a lot than it could be resulting into financial instability.

  2. Eating, what do you eat? The most important quest

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